Student Ministries

Our student ministries is available to all kids ages pre-K through high school. Sunday's Cross Krew and Wednesday's Kidz offers class for children ages 3-10. For our youth ages 11-17, we host many events outside of the Church to build relationships and provide them with the opportunity to experience Jesus.

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Cross Krew

Cross Krew is dedicated to teaching your children more about Jesus in a way that is fun and exciting. We believe that it is never too early to learn God's Word and experience a personal relationship with Christ.

Here's what a typical Sunday looks like:

After worship, Pastor calls the children (ages 3-10) to the front of the church. He prays over them before they are dismissed. From there, Mrs Denise takes them to class. After their service, they return to the sanctuary.


It's always a joy to spend time with our youth. As we grow together learning about Jesus within the Church, we also take time to plan fun outside activities to be able to build stronger and better relationships with one another.

We enjoy taking the youth to camp, convention or trip to allow them to meet new people and see that there is a far greater mission field out in the world besides their home town. Raising money for Bibles is an important part of their missions work.

Youth in training is a program we have that allow the youth to work in other ministries within the Church.


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