Our Mission Statement

A Church that is: 

Reaching Up   (worship)

Reaching Out   (evangelism)

Reaching In   (discipleship)

water for a thirsty land

Isaiah 44:3-4

John 4:14


We believe that God has called us to announce His love and grace to this community.  A community where many are thirsty and dry in spirit and soul, looking for that one thing that can satisfy. We believe Jesus Christ alone gives to us and to all who will receive, water that satisfies a thirsty soul. We believe, only in Christ, can we have new life that flourishes and makes us whole.  New Life Worship Center exists to express God's unending love and mercy to those that need it most. We also believe the greatest demonstration of God's love is in the person of Jesus Christ on the cross, where He took upon Himself the sin of the world. It is at His cross that the waterfall of His Love, Grace and Mercy flows out to all who will believe. We invite you to come and believe.  Our desire is to reach our community with the Word of God.